Sunday, September 14, 2008

Restoring SharePoint Site.

I was getting below error while executing follow steps.

1. Executed command for restoring SharePoint site.

stsadm -o deletesite -url %SITE% -deleteadaccounts false
stsadm -o restore -url %SITE% -filename %BACKUPFILE LOCATION%

Error: The site collection could not be restored. If this problem persists, please make sure the content databases are available and have sufficient free space.

Solution: I delete any unnecessary sites and also truncate logs for SQL database, so after that there was enough free space.

After this, I was able to restore SharePoint site successfully.

2. I had created new farm envirorment and trying to restore sharepoint site.

Error : Your backup is from a different version of Windows SharePoint Services and cannot be restored to a server running the current version. The backup file should be restored to a server with version '' or later.

Solution : I need to install/run infrastructure updates into my new created farm server, The Infrastructure Update contains the new Enterprise Search features that were shipped in Search Server 2008 and Search Server 2008 Express that were are not already in SharePoint Server 2007; this includes Federated Search capability, a unified administration dashboard and several Search core platform performance updates.

you can download updates from below location.

After doing installation, I was able to restore sharepoint site.

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