Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hiding/Deleting Current Navigation(Left Navigation) from Document library

Below are some of the ways to hide/delete left side navigation from SharePoint Page.

1. Left side navigation bar has predefined placeholder into main master file, so if we open our master page into SharePoint designer and try to find navigation placeholder tag and removed that tag then left side navigation bar will not be displayed into any of site.

So removing place holder from master page will completely remove it for all child pages.

2. If we want to hide in some of the pages then we can override style and achieve result.

I. we have to Edit page in designer and unlock region and remove left navigation frame OR
II. We can put left navigation bar in child page and put nothing inside that tag OR
II. We can put
.ms-navframe{ display:none; }
</style> on page.

With any of the above steps, left side navigation bar will be removed/hide from pages or document library.

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