Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to Integrate AJAX into SharePoint Site

AJAX toolkit
provides whole set of controls which we can use into SharePoint, one day I thought to use AJAX Tab control, after playing with control, I realized that apart from installing AJAX toolkit into server, I need to perform set of instructions or steps to make control working into SharePoint site.

We need to make changes into web.config file for respective web application, below are some of good links which give us information about what are the sections we need to add/edit into web.config file.

Reference Links:

Here is one Codeplex tool which add all web.config entries for AJAX into SharePoint site ->

Take the advantage of AJAX controls!!

How to assign lookup values into List definition – schema.xml file

I had requirements in which I wanted to deploy my custom lists from one server to another server, I had generated my schema and forms files using solution generator tool, now when I open one of my generated schema file in which I have lookup columns linked to another custom list, I have observed that solution generator tool commented custom lookup columns, I mean it didn’t figured out which custom list to attached for lookup columns.

There are many ways to achieve these challenges, one way would be if we know GUID of custom list which we are going to look up on then we can write same GUID into list definition schema file, but in my case all custom list was deployed at same time, so I don’t know what’s GUID of lookup list.

Another solution I found was, we can write feature event receiver on custom list, so when feature install/deploy custom list at same time we can take lookup column list name and assign into lookup columns into list definition file.

But at the last I have found simplest solution to assign lookup values into list definition, there is property called "LIST" into fields columns for schema.xml file, so in same list definition file, we can write List="Name of List" for lookup columns, so it will attached lookup list name for columns.

I hope that above information makes some sense to reader, but if it’s too confusing then please let me know about your challenges we can work out :)