Wednesday, June 10, 2009

.NET 3.5 framework with SharePoint

I thought to search on how best we can get from .NET 3.5 framework into SharePoint environment, so first I have searched what .NET 3.5 framework provides us for developer, actually .NET 3.5 frameworks provides some of the good development features like LINQ, AJAX, WF (workflow foundation), WCF (workflow communication foundation) and WPF (workflow presentation foundation)

Now if we use and integrate .NET 3.5 with SharePoint then we can use same features into our development environment, but for using .NET 3.5 framework into SharePoint, we needs to install .NET 3.5 framework into SharePoint servers and has to make configuration changes like changing our existing SharePoint web application, I have also found out that there were some problem into record center site after installing .NET 3.5 framework.

Reference Links:

1. How to setup and configure .NET 3.5 with SharePoint   

2. How to use LINQ into SharePoint

3. Record center SharePoint site wasn’t working after installing .NET 3.5 frameworks

Just try it out into development machine and see how it works :)

Good Luck!!

SharePoint web services – permission for GetWebCollection method

For one of my requirement I took the advantage of SharePoint web services, actually I needs to make a windows application which will get the information for all document libraries and list down all the documents inside each document library from SharePoint site.


So I have used WEBS and LISTS web service to get my required results, while working with WEBS web service, I used web method GetWebCollection() from WEBS web service to take all the web site name underneath one SharePoint web site, the windows application runs well for development sites but for production sites it’s giving me unauthorized access error while accessing GetWebCollection() method, because I don’t have sufficient rights into product site, I was thinking that for executing GetWebCollection() method, I need service account or extra full control rights, but after finding from the internet, I had conclude that I just need “contributor” rights into all sites and sub-sites while working with GetWebCollection() method.

 User needs “browse directories” permission.

 Reference Link:

From my point of view, we can do all things with SharePoint web services which we can achieve from SharePoint object model, just we need to know which web services and web method to call.

Happy coding !!

Anonymous access into SharePoint web services

Till now I didn’t find how to anonymous access web services, we can impersonate our SharePoint object model code by writing block of code under SPSecurity.Runwithelevatedprivileges method, I am looking for something like this for my web services code, I tried to find solution from internet, but I didn’t get success.


I can run or authenticate my web service code by passing current user credentials or any custom credentials (user name, password, domain name), but I am looking something different in authentication mode, please reply to me if any of you find some solutions or any alternatives for my challenge problem and I’ll also do same thing.


Thank you very much!

Sizes and items limitation for SharePoint List objects

Below are recommended guidelines for creating total # of site collection, webs, document library and many more …

 1. Recommended limitation for SharePoint site objects

 2. Limitation guidelines for SharePoint 2003 and SharePoint 2007

 Apart from this article discussion, here is very good link which will describes logical architecture of site collection