Thursday, February 16, 2012

List tools menu disappear in SharePoint 2010 list ribbon option

I have encounter this issue while 2010 migration process, but after some trial I have realized that above issue is also applicable into any of the SharePoint 2010 sites.

Here is exact scenario : if we add content editor web part into list view page then “List Tools” menu is disappearing from list ribbon, if we delete extra added web part then list tools menu magically will be appear.

I have found some materials in which people are saying that it is expected behavior and it is default Microsoft design, “List tools” menu is connected with List view web part in a page and if we add any other content editor web part in a page then it goes in confused state about which web part to connect for list tools (list view or content editor web part).

Still one guy has written small script which will select list view web part on page load and display list tool menu

Here are links for alternative option to display list tools menu in list view web part:


  1. You don't need to add any additional scripts. Just click on the list view WebPart and the "List Ribbon" will appear.

    1. yep that's correct, but if you have more than one web parts in a page then while opening a page, we can't see list tools menu and I think we can ask every user to click on list view web part to see list tools menu :)

    2. That trick doesn't seem to work in picture libraries though (at least in thumbnail view, maybe others too).

  2. Thanks for posting this, I thought I was going mad...