Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Install PowerPivot for SharePoint on an Existing SharePoint Server

I have followed this Microsoft MSDN Link for PowerPivot installation. Believe me its very good link, it has good amount of information, I have followed same steps and able to successfully installed PowerPivot on server.

Here are brief points which needed for PowerPivot installation.

Prerequisites: we need to have server farm installation on SharePoint 2010 server to install Powerpivot.

Overall Steps:

1) Run SQL Server 2008 R2 setup to add “PowerPivot for SharePoint” to Sharepoint farm.
  • During installation, select “new installation/add features” option.
  • Select “SQL Server Powerpivot for SharePoint” option.
  • As per the requirement, select “Add Powerpivot for SharePoint - existing farm”.
  • Complete the Powerpivot installation from SQL Server install file by following installation wizard.

2) Deploy the PowerPivot Solution Package from central admin to respective web application
  • There are two separate solution packages: powerpivotfarm.wsp and powerpivotwebapp.wsp. The first solution (powerpivotfarm.wsp) is deployed when we install the first PowerPivot for SharePoint instance and never needs to be deployed again. The second solution (powerpivotwebapp.wsp) is deployed for Central Administration, but we must need to deploy this solution manually for each SharePoint web application that will support PowerPivot data access

3) Start Services on the Server:
  • Start the Claims to Windows Token Service.
  • Start Excel Calculation Services.
  • Start Secure Store Service.

4) Verify that both SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server PowerPivot System Service are started.

5) Create a PowerPivot Service Application (SQL Server PowerPivot Service Application) from Manage service applications option.

6) Enable Excel Services

7) Enable Secure Store Service and Configure Data Refresh

8) Configure the Unattended PowerPivot Data Refresh Account

9) Configure Usage Data Collection

10) Activate PowerPivot Feature Integration for Site Collections

How to verify Installation:
1) In Libraries, we can see new options called “Data Feed Library” and “PowerPivot Gallery”. These library templates are provided by the PowerPivot feature and will be visible in the Libraries list if the feature is integrated correctly.

2) We can create sample excel book which has PowerPivot data and upload same excel into "PowerPivot gallery" library to check about PowerPivot features working fine or not.

NOTE: Once we create/upload any PowerPivot excel book into "PowerPivot gallery" library, behind the scene system is creating separate database for uploaded excel book (we can check this thing by going to SQL Server Management studio and select Analysis Services and in Server Name, need to enter <server-name>\powerpivot to see created database)

We can create PowerPivot data from Excel 2010, if we are not able to see "PowerPivot" as one of the option in excel 2010 ribbon, and then we need to install Add-ins PowerPivot for Excel 

Enjoy in installation!

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