Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SharePoint Manager 2007 – Administration Tool

SharePoint Manager 2007 - Administration tool which will give one window interface to see all our farms web application lists and object model data.


It’s not like Avepoint tool, because Avepoint is used for taking backup, restore and scheduling all things, SPM 2007 don’t have this type of facility, but it’s give inner details of all farm web application, list, site collection and features also.

We can also change any value and that will reflect into Central Admin or web application level from SPM 2007.

There is one loop hole or bug into SharePoint Manager 2007 tool, it will display plain text password.
We can see password by opening tool and going to

ENT Farm Configuration -> Administration Service -> Web Application -> Click on web application name -> SharePoint Central Administration v3

Check properties into right side of window, it will show username and plain password field.

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