Monday, September 22, 2008

Audiences creation and compilation

With the help of audiences, we can target content to users based on their job or task, as defined by their membership security group, distribution list, and organizational reporting structure.

We can create Audiences from SSP - > Audiences -> create Audiences link.

Purpose of audience compilation:  when any new user is added into active directory at the same time, it will not add into audience group, so for reflecting and making synchronization with active directory, compilation is necessary.

Manual compilation of Audiences
1. go to SSP - > Audiences -> view Audiences link and select each audience name and click on compile

Scheduling compilation of Audiences
1. On the Shared Services Administration home page, in the Audiences section, click Audiences.

2. On the Manage Audiences page, click Specify compilation schedule.

3. On the Specify Compilation Schedule page, select Enable scheduling.

4. Select a start time in the Start at menu, as follows:
•To compile audiences at the same time each day, select Every day.
•To compile audiences at the same time once per week, select Every week on, and then select a day of the week
•To compile audiences once a month, select Every month on this date, and then select a day of the month.

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