Thursday, May 8, 2008

Problems which I faced in projects

1. When I try to Import excel sheet data into custom list, at that time I was getting "'Method Post of object IOWSPostData failed' error and not able to import data.

Solution Steps : I thought its may be because of excel sheet size or any other problem, but its general error, so I have to make changes in one of the excel VB file as per below links, after that I am able to successfully import excel sheet into custom lis.

Solution Links :

2. When I try to change Page Navigation by editing at that time, I was getting error "The page has been modified by another author".

Solution Steps : This error comes due to migration of pages from one server to other server, like development to staging or production server, so some page contains old reference URL, I have to go manually each pages and remove old master and content pages reference links, below links also has some automatted utility which will convert broken links, But I don't have trust on same/

Solution Links :

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